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happy birthday Lester “Prez” Young

Life Magazine photographer Gjon Mili joined with jazz producer and Verve-label owner Norman Granz to produce the short film “Jammin’ the Blues” in 1944 with Lester Young, Red Callendar, Harry Edison, “Big” Sid Catlett, Illinois Jacquet, Barney Kessel, Jo Jones and Marie Bryant. The film was nominated for Best Short Subject at the 1945 Academy Awards, but didn’t win.

The pair came together again in 1950 to shoot footage of leading jazz artists of the day, but when funding dried up, the film ceased production and sat on shelves for 50 years (except for a few snippets which found their way onto bootlegs).

Blues For Greasy is one of those pieces shot by Gjon Mili and Norman Granz, using musicians from his Jazz at the Philharmonic tour.

Harry ‘Sweets’ Edison: trumpet
Lester Young: Tenor Sax
Flip Phillips: Tenor Sax
Bill Harris: Trombone
Hank Jones: Piano
Ray Brown: Bass
Buddy Rich: Drums
Ella Fitzgerald: Vocals


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The Jack Davis Foundation Frankenstein t-shirts are here!

These t-shirts will be available at our table in the Comic & Pop Artist Alley of this weekend’s DragonCon show. Come by our table to find out more about our foundation, along with signed books and other exclusive items. This four day comic show runs from August 29th through September 1st, 2014. Visit their website for more information!

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A visual history of the NASA logo.

The stunningly minimal, futuristic ‘worm’ logo invented in the 70s for the US Federal Design Improvement Program was changed out for the 1959 ‘meatball’ logo in 1992. This was possibly in an effort to “recapture the magic” after the tragic Challenger crash, but it definitely ensured that the coolest NASA logo ever was confined to the 70s and 80s right alongside all the best retro-futuristic space plans

via Logo Life, by Ron van der Vlugt


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That Bat Guy I draw so rarely. A quick sketch from this morning.

Batman. Shaner can do no wrong.


That Bat Guy I draw so rarely. A quick sketch from this morning.

Batman. Shaner can do no wrong.



kr. Concept Design

That is straight up the coolest take I’ve ever seen for Aquaman.

I would buy this in a hot second.